I am pleased to say that Joshua leapt up out of his chair to greet me home from work last night and he kept giving me bear hugs, suggesting that he had missed me almost as much as I had missed him. So we were reunited and I read all about his weekend and his day at school in his diaries, to get all caught up as Joshua just grinned at me when I asked him about either adventure.

I had a call from school around lunchtime yesterday and my heart skipped a beat : what had happened so soon after his return from respite and once my husband had just left the country? My reaction was no less panicked when it was the school nurse on the phone but she was quick to explain that nothing had happened to Joshua. He had a spot at the edge of his mouth last week and I had been treating it, but it had got worse over the weekend, respite had mentioned that they thought it was a cold sore. But the nurse was querying if it could be impetigo. She did not think that it was but she asked me to get him checked out by the Doctor, as if so, it is highly infectious and needs to be treated.

I knew that I was wasting my time calling the surgery this late in the day for an appointment, they are all gone by 8.45 usually, but I had hoped they could squeeze him in with the nurse practitioner, but that was not possible either. So I decided to consult the pharmacist but I knew that he would not be impressed heading out once he was home and comfortable after school. So I asked Yorkshire Grandma , who met him from school, to try to take a photograph of his mouth , for me to take to the chemist for an opinion. if we could use to technology , rather  than disturbing him, all the better. She struggled as he would not sit still or let her get a decent close up but eventually she sent me a picture that I could use and after work , I took it into the pharmacist. They looked but said that we needed a GP appointment as they had no over the counter remedies. So I was glad that I had not dragged Joshua down there, for that same response.

So I had a look at the real thing when I got home and it does not really resemble the images that I had seen on the internet and I am sure that it would have spread more if it had been impetigo. But I cancelled today’s taxi and I will start calling for a Doctor appointment , with the rest of the town, on the dot of 8.30. I am hoping that I will get an earlyish appointment, so that if ruled out, I can then take him into school. But whether it is ruled out or not, this sore will still disrupt his school day and my work day considerably. But I need to know if it is infectious, so that I can take appropriate action. But I have had so many welcome back kisses, that if he is infectious, the damage is already done.

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