Independence Day

Joshua made a really independent stand yesterday as I took him into school late, after the doctor- it is not impetigo by the way! I pulled into a disabled space at school and undid his seatbelt. I then rummaged on the back seat for his back and helmet, but in the meantime he had got out of the car. He has often done that and would come round to the drivers side to fetch me. But yesterday he knew where he was and where he was going, and he slammed the car door shut and he took off!

He ran across the car park up to the sliding doors of the adjoining high school and he began to kick them to get in. The receptionist has to open the doors for you and she didn’t until I approached behind him. I hugged him in the foyer, told him he was clever but had to be careful in the car park. He was very pleased with himself and secretly, I was proud of him too as it showed real awareness and independence.

So I will have to be super- alert as we arrive somewhere familiar and maybe leave his seat belt secure until I am ready. But this is one other sign that he is more aware than ever of his surroundings and what is happening next. That he is taking more control of what he does and does not do and that , with some added road- safety awareness, has to be a good thing .

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