First Aid

I have spent a lot of time re-living the events of Saturday morning in my mind and the inevitable imaginings of ‘What If….’ have been playing on my mind over the last few days. I was determined not to be afraid of Joshua having baths anymore, as he loves them so much, so we got back on that particular horse,  but I will never leave him alone in the bathroom again, not even for 5 seconds. So in that way, I have learnt from my mistake and I am very lucky that I did not pay a higher price for that mistake. But I kept pondering how else it could have been a calmer, better experience.

I identified my own lack of basic first aid knowledge; most of my first aid education has come from films and television; that is how I knew to lie Joshua on his side, but I was unclear what I was supposed to do next. Last year, Joshua had had a couple of choking incidents – he had got crisps stuck in his throat and had been unable to clear it himself so had stopped breathing. On the first occasion, my husband had stood him up and squeezed his ribs and the Hula Hoop had come flying out. I was home alone on the second occasion and I had stood him up and slapped him on his back and eventually, after a lifetime had passed, he coughed and breathed again.

So I feel vulnerable due to my ignorance when I am on my own, we live in a remote location, I cannot simply shout for neighbours’ assistance. So my only solution is to gain the necessary skills to give myself more confidence in these emergency situations. I emailed school and asked if they would be willing to set up a First Aid training course for parents, as I cannot believe that I am the only one who does not know the basics. I received an instant positive reply and was asked to call the training company to see what they could offer. I had a long conversation with  the company and found out that they could run a three hour course at school, for a fee. I reported back to school management on what I had been told and I asked, via a parent Facebook group, what the level of interest might be. I was overwhelmed by the immediate and positive response and I learnt that the course has been booked for March, all in the same day.

I was delighted, as it felt as though something positive would come out of our frightening incident and that not only could I learn from it, but other parents who might find themselves in similar situations could do too and potentially, lives could be saved.

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