The McDonald’s Test

Joshua seemed to turn a corner yesterday, he was less sleepy and more lively during the day. I decided to apply the McDonalds test : I left work early again and told him that we were going out for  a late lunch and put his splints and boots on – he has not worn them for almost a week , so that was an event in itself. We wrapped him up in several layers against the cold and bundled him into the warm waiting car. He seemed pleased to be out but as the 25 minute drive wore on, he started to droop and we began to think that the fast food restaurant was not going to work its magic.

But as we pulled into the car park, he perked up shouting ” Donalds” at the top of his voice and he virtually dragged me into the building. He sat expectantly waiting while Dad placed the order and we awaited table service with our order. The restaurant was full of school children, having a post-school treat and Joshua waved and grinned at them until his Chicken Selects, fries and orange juice arrived. He immediately tucked into the fried chicken pieces, more enthusiastically than any meal that he has been offered at home and drank a full bottle of juice. Once all of the chicken had gone, he tucked into the fries.

Joshua passed the McDonalds test with flying colours; if it was sink or swim, he had won the swimming gala. He was very pleased with himself as we got back in the car and drove home again, so that he had minimal time outside in the cold air. The final part of the test was to see if he was worn out by this little road trip but he was happy and busy when he got home , so I warned him that this meant that he was going back to school today – he shook his head vigorously, laughing. But I sent a text to his taxi driver and escort to tell them that he was finally ready, unless he relapsed overnight. It has been a dilemma but this way, he can try just one day then recover over the weekend, rather than going back to five straight days of school. I really hope that I have not made the wrong choice and that is not something that I come to regret, but the signs seem to be good. if needs be, if he is floppy and tired at school, then I can collect him early, but I think he is ready to see the staff and his peers again and to leave the bubble that is his den for a while.  Fingers Crossed.

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