Tea for Two and Two for Tea

I am very lucky to travel as part of my job and yesterday was a long day – I left home at 6.30am and got home at 8  pm, but it was my choice to make it. I was travelling to close to my Mum’s home town for work and so after I had finished my meetings, she travelled into the city by train to meet me at  3pm. We took a taxi to a hotel where we had afternoon tea as a treat, just us two. We were using a voucher that I had won in a raffle and had had three previous failed attempts to redeem it already. So when I heard that the day before, she had a lot of snow in her area, my heart sank as I thought that we were going to have to cancel again. I had booked a train, rather than driving, for a change as city centre parking had proved difficult in the past , but after 20 minutes waiting for a delayed train on a platform at minus 5 degrees yesterday morning, they announced that the train’s brakes were faulty and the service was being cancelled!

I was determined not to be defeated by wintry weather and so I returned to my warm car, and made the journey, as I usually do , by car. There was some fog and ice to contend with, but the motorway was clear so I arrived around the time that the train was due in. I had several good meetings at my monthly networking event and I even won a prize at a workshop. I seem to end up talking about parents with special needs wherever I go and I got talking to a Sleep Consultant and I was telling her about the patterns of disturbed sleep that I had experienced since Joshua was around and that I had in common with many of my School Mum friends. She sympathised and is going to email over some information that might help. By the end of our conversation, she was offering to travel the 2+ hours to school to present to a group of parents, for free, which was a generous offer that might well be appreciated. She said that I had made her think about an angle of her business that she had not previously thought much about.

Once work was over, I walked to the railway station and met my mum off her train and we took a taxi to another hotel where I had booked our afternoon tea. We had a lovely time in the sunny restaurant where we talked non-stop while we were served finger sandwiches, scone with jam and cream and a selection of cakes. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon, a highlight of a day that had started badly. It might have been the obvious thing to admit defeat once my early train had been cancelled but I was determined that neither that, nor the snow, was going to spoil our fun.

When I arrived home in temperatures below zero again, Yorkshire Grandma had bathed Joshua who was waiting to see me in his pyjamas. We had several bear hugs and I told him that I had been with Granny. I lead him back to bed, where he had already been briefly, and we had both soon nodded off.





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