Demon Epilepsy

Joshua is still in the throes of unusual seizure activity and I am blaming his chest infection still – we go for a blood test on Tuesday to see if he needs another course of anti biotics to clear it once and for all. But he underwent more seizures than usual yesterday : he almost needed emergency medication while we were in the car , on the motorway, as his cluster lasted for what seemed like an eternity before it ended. He looked so pale and worn out by it all that we would have done anything to cheer him up again, so of course as we approached Donalds, once again we used it as the test of recovery : we pulled into the car park, not knowing if he was truly back with us or not, until he shouted out “Robbie” another of his favourite things! I reminded him of the word that his exhausted brain was searching for and then there was no stopping him as we entered “Donalds”! He ate his chicken selects, fries and orange juice greedily as he came back to us and then we carried on with our journey.

Later in the afternoon, Joshua and I had enjoyed a nap together on the settee and then I had wriggled out to go upstairs to make the beds, leaving him dozing. I had made one bed and was on the second when my husband shouted me from downstairs. It looked as though Joshua had woken and perhaps tried to follow me upstairs when another seizure had struck. He was lying in the hall, fitting, in an awkward position and looked as though he might have hurt himself on the doorway but we could not move him until the seizure was over. My husband lifted him onto his wobbly feet and I supported him as we shuffled back into the lounge. Once he was comfortable on the settee, the cluster continued, out of control and so it was time to intervene and give him his rescue medication. I cuddled him and almost immediately I could feel his body relax and the seizures to subside. He slept for over an hour then but when he awoke he was very unsteady on his feet and only then could we properly check him over for any damage from his fall. He had some red marks on his shoulder, but other than that, seemed to have come off remarkably unscathed.

He was not safe to be left wandering around the house as he was so unsteady and I did not  expect him to eat his proper tea, so he ate two blood oranges and a tin of rice pudding for his supper, which he enjoyed. he had several attempts at bedtime, with Ruby our cocker spaniel on duty, when she came running downstairs, we knew that he had opened the bedroom door. In the end, he only drifted off once I stayed with him and then I sneaked out once he was snoring, catching 40 winks myself while I was there.

So epilepsy, once again, dominated Joshua’s Saturday, but thankfully we managed it ourselves this time and stayed away from A&E, let’s see what today brings……

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