Testing Times

I left work early yesterday and picked Joshua up from school, as he had to have a blood test at hospital to check whether or not he still has his chest infection – I am secretly hoping that he is still unwell, as that would explain his recent bad run of seizures. So I went into sixth form 30 minutes before home-time and received a raucous welcome from Joshua. He leapt into my arms, told two TAs that he liked them and then ran for the door to come away with me. Once through the two security locked double-doors, he ran to the lift – clearly knowing where he was going and he happily got into the car. But once we turned right towards the hospital, rather than left towards home, he went quieter in the car, aware that something unexpected was happening and he became suspicious.

Joshua cheered up again once we parked up at hospital and walked into outpatients, where he sat beautifully waiting for his turn – with none of the antics that he had displayed last Friday! He sat surveying the other children and parents who were waiting. At one point his consultant neurologist walked passed us and hesitated – I think that she might have been panicking that she had forgotten that she was seeing Joshua! I put her out of her misery and told her that we were there for a follow up blood test and she looked relieved. She then asked Joshua if he was felling better now and he shook his head violently, which made me laugh.

Soon afterwards we were called in by the phlebotomist, and Joshua was not keen. He knew what was going to happen – for one of his anti-epileptic drugs he used to have have regular blood tests to check his levels of phenytoin so he was familiar with the room and the procedure. He tried to fix his feet or to sit down in the corridor, so that it took two of us to jolly him along and into the treatment room. Once inside, he was happy enough, waving at the nurses and showing them his veins in his arms. Two of us held him still while they took a very small sample of blood from his arm and he hardly flinched nor bled and we were allowed home, it was over in a  jiffy. Again, Joshua was delighted to skip to the waiting car and head home, thinking that he had got off lightly I suspect. Once he was delivered home, I turned around to go back to school for a Governors Meeting, so it was another busy day and I headed home for the second time at 8.30pm. Joshua had just got into bed when I arrived back, so I gave him a good night kiss, so that he knew that I was back home.

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