Travelling Solo

I have to admit that travelling without Joshua is so much simpler: we flew through security at the airport and we were able to amuse ourselves while waiting in the departure lounge, enjoying breakfast and browsing in the shops. Once boarding, we went down two flights of steps onto a waiting bus and then climbed steps onto the aircraft that he would have struggled with and he would have objected to standing on the tarmac in the wind and driving rain. Our extra legroom seats were halfway down the plane so that would not have been easy and I was able to doze and read during the three hour flight as I wanted to, without any distractions.

Once we arrived at our destination airport, our pre- booked taxi was waiting and it was up to another hour’s drive to the apartment , owned by a colleague. We stayed here once before 23 years ago but our memories were hazy! We could explore the flat, opening the shutters to let in the sunlight. Then we set off to the local supermarket to buy supplies, which Joshua would not have appreciated having just arrived and inevitably one of us would have shopped , while the other had stayed back with him. We enjoyed buying supplies for a bread and cheese lunch, which we ate on the balcony in the sunshine.

Once full, we walked down the track to the beach where I had a paddle. We walked around to a neighbouring beach where I had a cocktail at a beach bar, before meandering our way back. I then went to bed for a two hour siesta, a rare luxury unless Joshua is tired too.

At 9 pm UK time I called his respite provision for news : he had been playing ball and had gone out in the minibus for Donald’s chips but went to bed, worn out, at 8.30 pm. All was well so I could relax and enjoy a glass of red wine, toasting our little holiday and our good son. Cheers!

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