Vote of Thanks

There are several people who have made this trip away possible, so now seems a good time to thank them: None of it would have been possible without Joshua’s amazing respite provision ,who look after him so well, that we have confidence to leave him in their capable hands while we go overseas. It has taken us three years to go further afield than our home county but in the last 9 months we have had three foreign mini- breaks. We are especially grateful as Joshua’s weekend could have been cancelled at short notice due to staff illness, so thanks for honouring our weekend.

Thank you also to our three emergency contacts – my sister, Yorkshire Grandma and my best friend, who are willing to be on red alert, to respond if an emergency call should come. Given how his health has been recently, this commitment has been more than a gesture this time.

Thank you to my colleague who has generously allowed us to stay in her apartment, so that it feels like a familiar home from home in the sun. Thank you to Yorkshire Grandma for House and pet sitting, so that the dogs could stay at home rather than going into kennels.

We are very fortunate to have had the means and opportunity to go away and already I can feel my worn- out batteries beginning to recharge. Some time apart from Joshua enables us to cope better with the 24/7 nature of his care and enables us to put ourselves first for a change.

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