Technological Progress

It is 23 years since we stayed in this same apartment, which belonged to my boss back then. On one day of that holiday , we used a phone box to call my mother in law to wish her happy birthday , to be greeted by the news that our niece had been born that day.

How technology has improved since those days : I have been able to phone Joshua’s respite provision every night at 9 pm to learn how his day has gone, without leaving the apartment and the line is as clear as if they were just around the corner . Similarly, I have known that they could reach me in an emergency wherever I was due to my mobile phone.

I have been taking photographs of our holiday so far and have posted some of them on social media and have emailed some home to my mum,so that she can visualise where we are staying . On our first visit, we will have had to wait for prints of our holiday snaps on our return. There is Wi-fi in the flat now so we can access the internet here and the television has all of the UK Television channels that we watch at home.

When we came here last time , we may have used travellers cheques for our currency, needing to cash them in at a bank during opening hours. Twenty- three years later we can simply get Euros from a cash machine or pay with a debit card. I was able to check in online for our flight before travelling and so my boarding cards were on my phone, which meant no queuing at the airport to check in . I cannot remember who we flew with in 1996 but I think it was before the arrival of low cost airlines , so I suspect it cost a lot less to fly here than it did back then too.

That is a considerable amount of change since I was 30 years old and they have all made life more convenient.

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