Homeward Bound

Today it is time to pack up, tidy up and head back home. We have had a great little holiday and it feels as though we arrived a long time ago. We have enjoyed some beautiful sunshine, some delicious food and wine, some fun walks and plenty of siestas too, so what more could I want?

Yesterday I had several blurred photos from Yorkshire Grandma of Joshua when he got home from school and when he was tucked up in bed . I cannot wait to be reunited tonight when we get home; I am expecting some of his bear hugs but maybe some sulking too . Given that he has been at respite and had two nights at home without us there, it might feel to Joshua that we’ve been away a long time too and so he might wish to show that he’s not impressed by our desertion.

I am not sure how Joshua measures time passing, or if he even does. I wonder if he counts ‘sleeps’ at all. I have always said that Joshua lives in the here and now and that he does not pine for us while we are apart. But while that might have been true in the past, these days he is more aware of what is going on around him and so he might feel it more than he once did. I like to think that so long as he is surrounded by love , attention and food, he won’t miss me too much! I am sure that, while apart, I have thought about him more than he has about me. So let’s bring it on!

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