Love is in the Air

Joshua may be virtually non-verbal, but that does not mean that he cannot communicate how he is feeling. Last night, when we got home at 8pm, after not seeing him for five days, Joshua heard us come home. He was in his bedroom, Yorkshire Grandma was getting him ready for a bath, and as we came upstairs, he started shouting ” I like you!”. He leapt off his bed in a state of undress, and gave me the biggest hug ever. He kept looking at Yorkshire Grandma then at us and he would squeeze me again. His eyes were twinkling and dancing with excitement, he was so happy to be reunited again. He hugged me while I heard stories from the weekend and then he grabbed my hand and lead me towards the bathroom. It was clear that he wanted me to help him into the bath as he waved goodbye to Yorkshire Grandma, grinning, so she was dismissed and no longer needed. During his bath, he kept looking at me in disbelief and saying ” Thank you”.

I have never had a welcome home like it, nor felt more loved and wanted by him. I feared that he might not want to go to bed, that he was too excited, but after his bath, he got into his pyjamas and then bed, without any fuss at all. He snuggled down and happily took his bedtime kiss, content that normality was resumed. I am looking forward to getting him ready for school this morning, to seeing if he is still as pleased to have me back home.

Joshua may not be able to express much about how he is feeling, but he can certainly show and share love, which must be the most important emotion to be able to demonstrate, and so I am very grateful for that.

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