Bon Voyage

The time has come to pack up and travel back home, our half term week away is over already. Usually we stay away until the very last minute, travelling on Sunday and meaning that the return to school and work comes as a shock on Monday morning, when bags are still not unpacked. But this time , we are being sensible as we catch the ferry back this afternoon, which will get us home for bedtime and give us all day Sunday to get out of holiday mode and prepare ourselves. Thankfully, Joshua has kept to the same sleeping pattern mainly, so he has been in bed around 9pm all holiday and waking up between 7 and 8 am; this means that his bedtime routine is still in tact for school. In the past he has enjoyed late lie ins and stayed up later, so that re-adjusting to standard commuting times has been a struggle.

We have had no more kicking episodes since earlier in the week, but we have not dared take him to another supermarket since. So Tesco tomorrow will be an interesting trial. We met my Aunt and Uncle for a pub lunch yesterday and he behaved beautifully there, food seems to calm him down. We met in a lovely country pub and we sat around a large dining table, with Joshua and I wedged in on a bench seat so he was trapped. He waved happily at the staff, other customers and my relatives when they arrived. He watched his iPad movies intently, as though he had never seen them before and he drank his fresh orange juice while he waited patiently for his lasagne lunch. He enjoyed it when it arrived and ate everything, hungrily. Once full, he was happy to sit while most of us indulged in pudding and then cups of tea, while talking, but he made no move to escape as he sometimes does once he has finished eating. It was only when outside in the car park, as we said our goodbyes that he would not stand still and tried to run off, but up until that point, I could not fault his behaviour.

Hopefully he will tolerate the long drive home and he might even doze as we will get home after his bedtime, although he is less likely to sleep in the car than he once was. We have been very fortunate with Joshua’s tolerance for long car journeys, he tends to sit quietly and enjoy the ride. Usually he sits in the front passenger seat, due to his long legs, while his Dad drives and I am in the back seat next to all of our luggage, with the three dogs and the wheelchair in the boot, so we are a heavily laden car and my husband’s loading of the car is a creative art-form.

We will all be sad to leave our seaside paradise behind, knowing that we will not be back until the summer, but we cannot be too greedy, we have been very lucky to get away.

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