A Quick Reminder

I had a long day working away yesterday , leaving home at 6.15am and catching a train to Scotland and not home until 10.30pm, by which time thanks to Yorkshire Grandma and my husband, Joshua was tucked up in his bed. However I expected to sneak out in the morning, leaving him fast asleep, but we had one of the worst nights that we have had for a long time, so I saw too much of him the night before my trip. He appeared at my bedside at 2am as he needed changing. I hoped to do that quietly, without either of us really properly waking up – I have, over the years,  mastered changing in the dark for this very reason. However, Joshua had other ideas as he marched off downstairs, ready to play! I gave him some Weetabix with hot milk, hoping that would fill and settle him. But Joshua was wide awake and so I agreed to let him watch the Show in his den, under a blanket, hoping that watching the TV screen would make him sleepy.

It was very like old times, we were both up for two hours in the end and I persuaded him back to bed at 4am and we both gained another hour’s sleep, but he was back at my bedside an hour later. So when Yorkshire Grandma crept in at 6am, trying to shush the dogs from barking , I told her that it did not matter, that we were all well and truly up anyway. Joshua was super excited to see her, shouting loudly ‘I like you’ and giving her hugs as he had not seen her all of half term. I knew as I left the house to catch my train,  that he was now definitely not going to be inclined to go back to sleep and I left them to their happy reunion.

This broken sleep, being awake and downstairs at 3am, was very familiar to me as we have spent most of his childhood seeing that time of day. Last night was a great reminder of how far he has come lately: more often than not, Joshua is asleep around 9pm and sleeps through until 7am, which is a perfect sleep pattern for school nights. It made me appreciate how far we have come and my only wish was that he had chosen a different night to re-visit the past. As ever, I was fine in the morning and I could not shut my eyes on the train, as I had planned. But certainly on my route home again, my head felt a little fuzzy and on one occasion, I woke myself up with a loud snore. When I finally got in, relieved to find that Joshua was in bed, I had a quick cup of tea then was in my bed, asleep, within 20 minutes of arrival home.

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