Birthday celebrations Part 1

For Joshua’s birthday, I had booked tickets for 6 of us to see Abba Mania – an Abba tribute band and that was last night and we had such good fun : I had suggested that we dress up in 1970s costumes, so that was fun pulling together the outfits, blue eye shadow etc. Joshua did not dress up, but we did, both of his aunts did and our friend did. There were not many in fancy dress when we arrived at the theatre but we made a lot of people smile and the young girls sitting behind us had also made the effort so we were a cluster of gaudy colours , flares and sparkles.

We started our big night out with a meal together. Joshua was sulking at first as we had passed his beloved  Donalds, just unfortunately as I asked ‘where are we going Joshua?’ so he began pointing and when we drove passed, he was not amused and started to smack the car window and kick the floor in protest! But I had chosen a good restaurant and once his fish and chips arrived, he settled down to enjoy them.

We then walked through the city to the theatre, arm in arm, where a really helpful lady showed us to the lift as we were right upstairs in the gallery. The view was great and the show began almost immediately, so that was good as Joshua is not a great waiter. His eyes light up as the music and lights began and he was fully absorbed immediately. He would shout ‘thank you’ after the songs that he enjoyed most. The performance was really good, they sang well and we all sang along to the familiar tunes. Joshua enjoyed stroking his aunt’s hair next to him but Just towards the interval, Joshua was too tempted by the range of ladies’ long hair in front of him and so I had to be fast to catch him before he stroked it! A few times he was too fast for me and I had to apologise for him making them jump.

After the interval , Joshua  began to tire as it was his bedtime by then. He rested his head on my shoulder a few times but did not sleep and we all stood up and danced for the last couple of songs. Joshua joined in much better than I expected him to and he really seemed to enjoy it.It felt like a grown up Saturday night out rather than his more recent theatre outings to children’s musicals, which we have also loved but this was especially appropriate for his 18th birthday.

So Abba, thank you for the music, the songs you were singing, thanks for all the joy they’re bringing…..

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