The Juggler

My husband is working overseas this week, where he is 9 hours ahead of us – so I spoke to him on my way to work, and he was heading to bed and last night, we spoke as I was going to bed, and he was just getting up. I am very grateful for mobile phone technology that enables us to speak, as though he is just down the road, even though he is half way around the world. He will be home again on Friday and so he is not away for long and with the support of Yorkshire Grandma, we have a plan for managing work and Joshua between us this week.

In order to manage work while parenting a young man with special needs, takes both support and a flexible employer in my opinion. If Joshua did not have not have any difficulties, now that he is 18, he would not need anyone at home to greet him from school, to make him his evening meal and to stay with him while his mum took his puppy to Dog Obedience Class. But that is not the world that we live in, even now he is an adult, Joshua is not safe to be left in the house alone at all : he might have a seizure and fall over, he may trip on the stairs, he could leave the house and wander out onto the road. He pulls his own socks off or trousers down and then his own clothing becomes a trip hazard. Joshua would unwittingly touch a hot kettle or hob and burn himself. He has no sense of danger at all and is unable to keep himself safe and as such, cannot be left to his own devices at any time. So even nipping out to the shop, when I have forgotten something, is not an option without taking Joshua too, which he would not appreciate once he is home from school as it is very hard to tempt him back into his boots and into the car in the evening.

Joshua is not able to occupy himself, so although he has DVDs and movies that he likes to watch when he comes home from school, he is reliant on someone else to set them up for him. His attentions span is not what it was for such distractions, so last night when I got  home from work , I found the ipad playing Shrek on the floor in the snug, his Show blaring away in his den and yet he was upstairs with Yorkshire Grandma, lounging on his bed enjoying a Bruce Springsteen DVD! He leapt up to greet me and he then ignored all of his media options as Mum was home!

Normally after Joshua’s taxi has picked him up in the morning, to take him to school, only then do I have my breakfast and I have 20 minutes to myself, before I need to leave for work. But this week, with my First Aid course, I am having to be more organised so that I can leave the house the same time as him in order to get to my course on time. But today is the last day of the course, and my assessment day, so we will have managed this military operation to get out on time for three days. But next week we have a new challenge, as Yorkshire Grandma is on holiday and so I will need to meet him after school, or make alternative plans for the day that I am working away from home. I am not very good at planning ahead, I tend to only work out one week at a time but I am getting better at juggling, while trying to keep as many balls in the air as I can.

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