Weekend Ways

After a busy week dashing around for me and my husband only arrived home from his travels after midnight, we were both ready for a Saturday when we pottered about the house doing chores, but nothing too ambitious. But Joshua had other ideas and he communicated them very effectively. Mid-morning he had had enough at home and he passed me his splint, indicating that he was ready to go out. I told him that we would go to Tesco soon, so he upped his game. He went upstairs and began slamming the landing door really hard, so that I came running, to stop him from making such a noise and prevent him from breaking the door. So I took the hint and put his splints and boots on.

We had an exciting morning out : we delivered some shortbread to a friend and Joshua waved from the car. Then we parked up in town and we walked to the chemist to collect his prescription. They were still preparing it and so he found a broom while we waited, and began to sweep their floor for them; he did such a good job, apart from waving the brush around his head and potentially tripping their customers up, that they offered him a Saturday job of sweeping and greeting customers at the door! Then we went to a cafe for brunch, where we sat in a booth where he ate toast and drank orange juice, while I had a mug of tea, and we watched the world go by. He seemed satisfied by his outing but the real highlight was pushing the trolley around Tesco!, he got excited as we approached the store. He did a bit of kicking of my ankles and the trolley, but nothing excessive and nothing targeted at other customers, thankfully.

When we had got everything on our list, we headed for the tills where a small boy wearing an epilepsy helmet just like Joshua’s was sitting waiting for his parents. Joshua spotted him and gave him a big friendly wave, which made me smile – it was as though he recognised a fellow member of his ‘gang’! He sat  beautifully, cross legged, while I packed up our two bags of groceries and only jumped up when I told him that I was ready, which is rare. When we got home, he was content to sit in den watching a film while I made a stew, as he had been satisfied by his trip out, so he did not demand terribly exciting distractions to make him happy.

But at around 4pm the door slamming began again and again, he brought me his splint. My husband was in the bath, trying to soak away his jetlag, so we took the dogs to the park so that everyone could have a run about and burn off some energy. The park was muddy but the dogs loved it and Joshua enjoyed throwing sticks for them to fetch and chew. We walked right around the perimeter to ensure that he was worn out and on our way back to the car, the wind was blowing full in his face,with some drizzle, and it really made him giggle.

Joshua cannot always get his own way at weekends, as sometimes there are plans or jobs that need to get done, but as we had a fluid day, I was able to listen to him communicating and to respond.

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