Live Love Laugh

Life is fragile and can be snatched away from us at any time, so we need to make the most of the life that we are given. We need to find time for the things and people that we love and to try hard not to get bogged down in the minutiae. It is important to tell the people that we care for, what and how much they mean to us ,as none of us are going to be around forever. When our loved ones have gone, we do not want to have regrets about the things that we said or indeed, about the important things that we never said to them when we could. I can be over-emotional and rather soppy, but it is just so that the people that I care for, are left in no doubt how I feel about them.

Life is precious and we all know how quickly it flies by, one minute Joshua was born and the next we have celebrated his 18th birthday and he is an adult. So I am going to try to do the things that I want to do now, plan them in, rather than saying I would like to go to Rome one day or that I must get back in touch with that old friend that I have not heard from. That motto goes for Joshua too, I need to enable him to do things that he enjoys, as none of us know how much time we have and how fit and well we will be to enjoy it either. We hear too often of hard working  people who defer all of their travelling and hobbies until they retire, and then they are struck down by ill health once they reach their magical retirement age. I am determined not to be that person, but to grab opportunities whenever they come my way. I have worked hard since I left University in 1990 and so now I am thinking more about playing too.

Joshua is  a well-travelled young man, even though he is a home-bird really, and  we try to enrich his life with trips to the theatre , meals out, family parties and exciting visits to Tesco. Within the confines of his disability, I hope that he enjoys life to the full. I know that he feels loved, and he loves in return, and he likes to laugh, even if it is at other’s expense as he trips them up or kicks them. When Joshua leaves school next summer, it is important that we find alternative daycare that makes him as happy as school does and where he can feel as loved and safe as he currently does. It will not just be about getting him out of the house, he needs to be stimulated and to have the social interaction that he craves, so we will have our work cut out in finding him that placement; but it is critical that we get it right as he deserves the best that we can find.


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