Mums together

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating motherhood as we drove 2.5 hours to take both of our Mums out for lunch. My sister joined us so we had a table for six, in the window of a lovely restaurant in the country. Joshua sat strategically between his Granny and me but as we were on a round table, he could see everyone and he spent a lot of time waving and smiling at both our party and our fellow guests and the waiting staff – one poor young waiter was confused as he thought that Joshua was beckoning him when he saw him wave and I had to explain that he only wanted him to wave back, so he soon got the hang of that game and thereafter, never walked past Joshua without giving him a wave.

The food was delicious, everyone enjoyed what they ordered, apart from Joshua who once again, would only eat his french fries, ignoring his roast chicken and then his sticky toffee pudding, which his Dad had to eat after his own crumble. Joshua once again stood up at his seat to address the table, as he first did at his birthday meal. There was a time not that long ago when we would never have dared risking Joshua in a nice restaurant, when he could only be trusted in fish and chip cafes and McDonalds, where the service is quick and good manners are not a necessity .He was well behaved considering we were there for over two hours, the iPad came to the rescue and I once took him to the disabled toilet, to stretch his legs as much as anything.Unfortunately the accessible toilet was anything but, as there was a table seated in front of the entrance as well as a stack of chairs, so once we moved everything and everyone, we were able to use the facilities.

As we left the restaurant, they very kindly gave all the Mothers in our party a small bunch of daffodils , which was a lovely gesture. We were all back at Mum’s house for around 4.30 where we enjoyed cups of tea and more chat, and Joshua lay on the settee and had a nap, which  seemed like an excellent, if anti-social, idea. Then my husband left to do some DIY for his Mum , while we stayed chatting. It was 7pm before we set off home an it was still beautiful spring sunshine to start the drive in. We had to stop at some motorway services for a toilet break on the way home and sleepy Joshua sat up as we slowed and parked, saying ‘Thank you’ and he clearly expected some refreshments and began kicking and smacking the back of my seat when we carried on with our journey without letting him out of the car. He sulked as we drove for another hour , until I pulled into his beloved Donald’s for supper. he ran inside shouting “thank you!” and hungrily enjoyed his chicken selects, fries and orange juice. He was glad of the stop but it meant that we did not get home again, until 10 pm so he was whizzed through the kitchen and straight upstairs to his bedroom. He did not put up a fight to get into his Pyjamas and he was soon fast asleep, happy that he had spent Mothering Sunday with his Mum, two Grannies and his Aunt and that he had behaved pretty well all day.

Now he is about the enter the last week of his Spring term at school, breaking up for Easter holidays on Friday and going to respite for the weekend, so he has lots to look forward to this week and yesterday, started the week off really well, another day when I was proud to be Joshua’s Mum.

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