Rhythm of the Night

I wrote on Sunday morning, when the clocks changed, that the simple act of moving clocks forward by an hour, would play havoc with several SEN children’s established sleep patterns. For the second morning running now, Joshua has been wide awake and ready to play at 2 am ,so those words are coming back to haunt me. It makes no sense as he has only lost one hour, so the obvious impact would be to be tucked up in bed an hour earlier and potentially be waking at 6 am rather than 7 am, but that is simply not the case.

Last night Joshua was not up for long at 2 am, I managed to contain him upstairs, and snuggled him back to sleep in his own bed. Then the only problem was that I was wide awake and came downstairs until 5 am. But this morning, he came into my bed and when I wriggled out, he followed me downstairs. So he has had some Weetabix with banana, watched some of his Show in den under a blanket. He just grabbed my hand and pulled me back upstairs, so we will see if he settles down again, until it is time to get up. The trouble was yesterday, that he was not ready to get dressed at 8 and so I left him sleeping as long as I dare, so he fell out of bed, got dressed with his eyes fairly closed, then slid into his taxi to school. I don’t know how sleepy he has been at school either day, as for some reason, his home/school diary has not made it home.

We have been spoilt for months now with undisturbed nights, such that, if I have been awake in the wee small hours, it has been my own doing, and Joshua has not been to blame. After years of sleeplessness, I will probably never re-gain a normal sleep pattern. I find that I can function well on 5-6 hours sleep a night, but less than that and I struggle to get through the afternoon. Yesterday at work, around 3.30 pm, I found myself struggling and so I had to stand up and do some filing to keep myself upright and alert. I find that if I can manage to stay awake until 4 pm, I can cope and keep going, but I need to ride that wave of exhaustion that hits mid afternoon.

It looks from the baby monitor that is focussed on Joshua’s bed, that he has managed to  settle back to sleep, so I will follow him and get back in my bed , to see if I can do the same. I need to be alert this afternoon, as I am going through to school to watch the annual Easter Bonnet Parade. The pupils who have creative parents make an easter bonnet and then show it off on a makeshift catwalk in the school hall. I have never had any bonnet making skills and as Joshua will not tolerate hats, so we have joined in on a half-hearted basis – one year I stuck some daffodils on his helmet and was pleased with the result . I was not going to attend, except I have had a letter home, which tells me that they will be playing their latest school video and performing a dance too, to a circus theme and the music of The Greatest Showman. Having only recently seen the film, I am keen to see the school version and I have my tissues at the ready. There will be no danger of me cat-napping there!

Sleep tight!

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