Pay it Forward

When we are young, our parents take good care of us: they feed and clothe us and have our best interests at heart, even if you do not always agree with their choices, it is said that they know best. Then we leave home and find our own way in life and make our own choices, while they watch on, from afar. At some point, if you are lucky, you get to repay all the care that they showed for you when you were a child and you become the caregiver. While my Mum is is not well, although we live a couple of hours away, I am tying to do as much as I can to help by visiting and fetching whatever she needs. It is good to be able to offer some practical help and to handle some of her correspondance too.

Joshua and I paid her a hospital visit yesterday afternoon and I expected for him to last possibly five minutes in the elderly ward, before he had to removed for bad behaviour, but as ever, he surprised me. As we walked through the hospital corridors looking for Mum’s ward, he waved cheerily at everyone he passed, staff, patients and visitors and in so doing, he brought a smile to many faces. He looked surprised to see his Granny in her nightie, in bed, but he gave her a smile and a hug, then sat on her bed. He tried to catch the attention of others on the ward by waving, but the other patients were too poorly and the staff to busy to acknowledge him. To my amazement he sat beautifully for about 45 minutes – eating Granny’s fruit, laying on her bed and watching Shrek on his iPad, but he seemed to sense that stillness was required. Of course he has plenty of experience of hospital wards and Granny has visited him in most of them, so it was his turn to return the favour. I am sure that he could empathise with her situation and that he was mightily relieved to be walking out this time, still waving at everyone he passed.

Joshua never fails to amaze me in his capacity to weigh up a situation and respond appropriately and once again he showed that he worked out what was required of him and fell into line. He has made me very proud this week : how well he has adapted to his new respite provision, taken it all in his stride and with a smile on his face. It could not have gone any better and we are ready for a longer stay again next week, working towards his first overnight stay in the future. Joshua is quite simply a superstar.

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