Wonder Woman!

I did not see Joshua awake yesterday at all ; he was asleep when I left to go to work at 8.30 – Yorkshire Grandma said that he slept in until 10.15!! – and he was in bed when I got home ,late. I had a big day at work as I had a four hour drive to a potential new client , where we have been shortlisted as one of three, to bid for a 3 year contract. I was preparing for it last week, amid the unexpected nature of hospital visits, but managed to get my presentation prepared as I had some useful thinking time on the motorway.

I was the first of the three bidders to present to a panel of three and it was quite a formal process when I was timed and I had to speak for up to 40 minutes, with no interruptions from the panel. I am comfortable with formal presentations like that, but I prefer them to ask questions as we go along so that it is more like a conversation, rather than me giving a speech. After my presentation there were some more marked questions and then some additional questions , which they wanted to know the answers to, rather than being  a formal assessment process.

One of those questions threw me briefly as one man asked me ‘if your company was a super hero, what super hero would you be?’!  Now if Joshua had been a ‘normal’ child, I would have been more aware of modern super heroes, but as they do not interest him, I have never seen any of the Marvel films. So I had to dredge my memory for a superhero from my childhood, which  took some dredging I can tell you. I came up with Wonder Woman, which I used to watch and enjoy as a girl. I explained that market research is an industry dominated by women and that we would only have to spin around, and we would resolve their problems. He said that he liked my response but it was the best that I could do under pressure and with no notice or time to research, and I was simply relieved to be able to identify one!

There are lots of super heroes in my life, people who do amazing jobs and appear to have magical powers, and I thought about them on my long drive home. I do not know how well I did but I felt as though I would not have done anything differently if I had to go through it again, so that should be good enough. We may or may not be a good fit with that company, but I was honest about where we are and what we could offer them. This was definitely a day when my work-self took to the fore, being Joshua’s mum and Mum’s daughter, took a back seat for the day. I would not like everyday to be like yesterday, but every once in a while it feels good to dress smartly and to show off about what you can do and have done in the past.

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