Good Friday

Good Friday represents a special anniversary for our family: 12 years ago on Good Friday we bought a holiday cottage in a beautiful rural part of the country. We used to own a caravan , and then a motorhome, and we found that we were always returning to this region for holidays . When Joshua was younger, he used to bounce up and down all the time, and this was not ideal behaviour for a caravan, coupled with our ownership of four dogs at the time. We had the opportunity , so we began to look for a second home . On the day that we saw our cottage, we viewed five properties in total , which was a lot to drag 6 year old Joshua around. As we approached this one, it was a cold, wet day but we were immediately struck by the view and the coal fire. While looking around, Joshua had said “waterfall” and we had explained that we would walk by the waterfall later as a reward for his good behaviour. But The couple who showed us around explained that the village had its own waterfall and that Joshua would have seen-it as we drove through the village, so he was probably relating what he had seen but we had missed.

When we got home, we were very objective about the various properties and we scored each one out of ten on a range of criteria like space, view, car parking, real fire etc . This cottage won on most criteria so we made an offer and on Good Friday 2007, it became ours. We all love to come as it is so different from home, but it is homely. Joshua outgrew caravan holidays and to have a familiar place, where he has his own bedroom, is so much easier to manage than a hotel room. He has space to wander, with a garden too and even his inevitable copy of The Show to watch in his room.

We are very lucky to be able to have such a treasure and we like to share it with friends and family too, for weekends away or even week long stays. We tend to come here for Easter, to spend our anniversary here as we have the benefit of the double bank holiday. When Joshua is with us, we are unable to walk as much as we would like in the countryside , but it is convenient to come when he is in respite too, then we have a different experience of the region.

Last night we arrived in two cars, my husband and Joshua came together with the dogs – and cat!- from home. I joined them later after I had completed a day of hospital visiting . Joshua seemed both surprised and delighted when I appeared ; so much so that he was saying all sorts of words in the bath to me that I’ve not heard for months, he was so giddy with joy. That is the impact of our slice of heaven .

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