Fuel station

Joshua slept for 13 hours the night before last, only waking and coming downstairs at 9.30. He must have been ravenous as he ate three weetabix for breakfast, followed by two satsumas. He pottered about while we cut the grass and then we headed out to our nearest market town with a shopping list. Joshua was pretty grumpy while shopping, stamping on his wheelchair footplate. It was a glorious sunny day so when it got towards lunchtime, I started to look for somewhere with outside seating , but to no avail, all of the tables were occupied. So I joined the queue for an ice cream instead for my husband. When he joined us in the queue, Joshua caught his eye then looked pointedly at two children eating sausage rolls next to him and pointed at them and then his dad. We both saw the message so I decided to focus on a cafe with any seating at all, regardless of where it was.

I went back to our favourite cafe and a couple invited us to sit at their table. I politely declined telling them ” thank you no, he’s too grumpy right now to join you!” There were plenty of empty tables indoors , as everyone wanted the sunshine, so we chose a table by the window and Joshua’s bad mood soon disappeared ,as he knew what was coming. He waved at every waiter, waitress and customer that passed our table. His orange juice came first and he gulped it down greedily, then his scampi and chips which he was able to feed himself. Joshua clearly needed fuel , as he was running on empty,and he felt much happier for it.

While we were waiting Joshua alternately hugged and kissed me, then smacked me on the arm or back, cross that he was having to wait, that his food had not magically appeared. The manager of the cafe , who we have known for years as he’s seen Joshua grow up, watched him smack me and he approached, he told me that he’d bring the scampi out as soon as it was ready and he asked if Joshua had ever bruised me? I replied honestly that he had done in the past and that he was getting stronger. I got a sympathetic look and he scurried off to the kitchen to chase up Joshua’s meal.

As we were waiting to pay, Joshua had insisted coming to the till too, a lady customer commented on Joshua’s t shirt , which simply says ” I’m awesome” on it. She asked him if he was actually awesome. He smiled at her then he gave me a big hug and then she agreed ” that is awesome!” And told me, as if I needed telling, to enjoy that affection. Joshua is physical – whether he is cross or happy – he responds in a physical way and mostly , I am the target of either Behaviour.

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