Wave machine

I took Joshua to a local Easter Sunday service yesterday in a very pretty , rural church. We sat in a wooden pew with a little door at the end to keep him in ,which was ideal as he was pretty restless as there was a lot of talking to listen to. He waved intermittently to the church- goers in front of us but was disappointed by the lack of response from the back of their heads.

But at last he had his opportunity as we were invited to the front for communion. I asked that Joshua received a blessing rather than the bread and wine, which he tolerated well. But as he turned around to return to our pew, he was faced by the entire congregation and so, being the show- off that he is, he waved enthusiastically at everyone and got several smiles and waves back. It was the highlight of his day.

Last night, it was a beautiful sunny , warm evening and so we took the dogs for a walk to the local pub. We took Joshua in his off road wheelchair and we sat at the front of the pub with a drink each. Being next to the entrance, Joshua was able to wave at everyone who arrived or left the building. Once again he was like the doorman. Most people waved back cheerily but one young man, who was on a coach party, followed it up with trying to engage further with Joshua : he tried to shake his hand or give him a high 5, but Joshua shied away from both. The waving was clearly on his terms only and was not an invitation to respond further.

We got talking to a family who are staying close by to us. Throughout the conversation, joshua waved. At first it looked like a cheery greeting, but later it became clear that he was waving goodbye to them! He was no longer out main focus and he was trying to regain our attention.Joshua went to bed when we got back to the cottage at 8.30, he must have been worn out from all the waving as he’d had a busy day of it.

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