Back to school, back to books….

Joshua heads back to school today after 2.5 weeks off , so we will see how he takes to the new routine – well the old routine, back again. He has been sleeping in late this holiday, well around 9 am, so getting up at 7.30 might prove challenging for him this morning. He has had many lazy mornings, when he has pottered around in his pyjamas, before getting up, whereas this morning it will be back to breakfast in bed, dressed, teeth cleaned and out of the door to the taxi. I have no doubt that he will be pleased to see everyone again at school as he has been on great form this holiday and I am hoping that they might even hear some of his old words back again too He will wave madly until his hand drops off no doubt,when he is reunited with both classmates and staff and I hope that he has a good time.

So this marks the beginning of the summer term and with the bank holiday Monday in May coming up shortly, he will be back on half term holiday before we know it, I think it is just four weeks away, before he is on leave again and then we hurtle downhill from there, to the long summer off. It is always a challenge to juggle childcare during that long holiday as I will take a fortnight off in August and we have the long August weekend, but other wise I rely heavily on Yorkshire Grandma. We may be able to use Joshua’s new respite provision to cover some more days, but ideally I would like to use that for my husband and I to have some time together, not simply to enable us to work, but I am sure that we will work something out.

With my Mum being ill and in hospital for the last two weeks, and work commitments, I do not feel as though I have seen enough of Joshua during these Easter holidays. Yorkshire Grandma very kindly held the fort during the first week , enabling me to drop everything and go where I was needed most.  I know that Joshua loves me, he gives me such a welcome home. I went back to the hospital yesterday afternoon and so did not get home until 9 pm, when my husband had just got him into bed. He heard me return however and he jumped out of bed twice to see me and I took him back to bed , staying briefly for a cuddle the second time. He awoke again around 12.30 , waking me and back to bed he went, but I am pretty sure that he was checking that I was still really there. I am pleased that we all three enjoyed the Easter weekend together, that was really special.

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