I have already written to tell you what my parents and sister mean to me and the important roles that they play in my life, well I now want to tell you how much my friends mean to me, by telling you the things that they have done to support me, just in the last few days:

  • Last week was a difficult week in terms of juggling work, motherhood and visiting my Mum in hospital. I stayed away for two nights and got back home on Friday evening. I unpacked the car and then saw that two parcels were waiting in an outbuilding as they were too large for the postbox. One of them was addressed to me and had come from my first best friend in Texas. I ripped the packaging off to find the most beautiful, vibrant patchwork quilt that she had made for me as a gift. One side is turquoise – my favourite colour – with large orange flowers on it but the other is made up of so many different bright fabrics, some floral prints, some with bambi on from our childhood and some busy bees. It is such a work of art that I was reluctant to use it, for fear that it might get dirty or ruined, as it looks too perfect to use. I emailed immediately to thank her, and she told me that it was a ‘working quilt’ that is machine washable too and that it was to be enjoyed, like my baking she said. I was so touched by the time that she devoted to creating my present, with me in mind. She told me that she makes quilts to thank important people in her life, in the same way that I bake cakes, as my original quilt had been given away to her cancer doctor as a thank you, which of course I understand totally as I take the same approach. However a cake takes an hour or so of my time, making a patchwork quilt is a much bigger undertaking.
  • Last night I had been sad as I came away from hospital as Mum was not as well as I had hoped and I had told my best friend . She had immediately offered to come over to my Mum’s house – all of 100+ miles away – to stay with me, but I assured her that I would be OK.  She then gave me practical help for the first 45 minutes of getting to Mum’s house, offering me IT support in trying to make emails work again on Mum’s iPad. She patiently tolerated my technical incompetence and talked me through each step that I needed to do. So she kindly gave me the gift of time and, as a result, we seem to have fixed the problem together and also , it usefully distracted me from the way that I had felt on the drive home, as I had a practical task to focus on.
  • A Mum from school had shared my recent blog about school nurses on social media, saying that her ” lovely friend posts this blog everyday..” and I was touched by her kind words and her support of me, my blog and the school cause. When I thanked her, she described me as a “warrior” who has taken on battles for Joshua, myself and now for Mum, which was a lovely thing to say and gave me strength, when I was doubting my own abilities. Many Facebook friends , even if they do not know Mum ,have been asking after her on a daily basis, which is really thoughtful. Some friends asked after her when she first went to hospital three weeks ago, but there are many who continue to support and ask about her progress even now, which gives me a warm glow.
  • Yorkshire Grandma is a friend of the family and once again, she has stepped into the gap this morning. I expected to set off home early enough to be there when Joshua wakes up and to get him ready for school, as my husband needs to leave at 7.15 for work. However, even as I was driving over yesterday, Yorkshire Grandma let me know that she was available in the morning, if things did not go to plan – how well she knows me! So that meant I was able to offer to come back to hospital in the morning, without checking first about Joshua’s care, which was invaluable. These last three weeks she has been a rock that has enabled me to focus on Mum, knowing that Joshua was in safe hands and would be happy too.

So as you can see, I am blessed with very kind, thoughtful friends – as is my Mum judging by her get well soon cards and the people eager to visit her!- and they are invaluable when life takes a difficult turn, as I am not sure where I would be without their support. Thank you my friends, you know who you are xx

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