Respite time should be used for whatever we need at the time : in the past we have taken short breaks away, have been to a spa or have had a rare night out while Joshua is away in someone else’s care. This time, as my cold was at its peak, I needed to rest while Joshua was being looked after elsewhere. I came home after dropping Joshua off and I had a hot bath and then I went to bed and slept for 2 solid hours. I came downstairs in my pyjamas and dressing gown and stayed that way all evening. my husband wanted us to go out for a meal, to make the most of our ‘night off’, but I was already doing that, in my own way and I knew that I needed to stay warm and indoors, so we settled on an Indian takeaway, which I enjoyed very much, as I had hardly eaten all day.

Joshua had watched me packing his overnight bag on Friday night and so he probably expected to be going to his previous respite provision, but he definitely recognises the bag and the packing process. As it was his first overnight stay with the new staff, I packed him so familiar toys that he likes, such as his guitar and iPad, even though they have plenty of toys there. He had to be there for midday, and so we had time for our weekend Tesco shop first, which  went well. As I had half an hour to kill after that, as we had whizzed around the store in record time, I took him to a cafe for some orange juice and cake . He enjoyed both and he waved at all the staff and other customers too while enjoying his treat.

We drove to the respite provision on a new route and so he looked puzzled as to where I was taking him – Joshua watches where we are going knows familiar routes. But when I pulled into their driveway, he grinned and said “oooohh” as if to say ‘oh there we are, that’s OK then’. He got out of the car and happily went indoors, heading straight into the lounge where there was a new young lady curled up on the settee. He went to sit next to her and was curious as she did not respond as he expected. Even though he was only staying overnight, he arrived with two bags of stuff, which I put in his downstairs bedroom. I did not hang around, but said my goodbyes and left them to it.

I managed to wait until 8.45 before phoning to see how they had got on and it sounds as though he had enjoyed a good day,  and he was tucked up in bed already. The only altercation that they had had was when they had tried to give him a shower and he had objected, as I predicted that he would. But other than that, Joshua seems to have had a good time.I will collect him again at midday today and that will be the next milestone under his belt, 24 hours in his new respite provision. For my point of view, it could not have come at a better time, not so that I could enjoy wild all-night parties, but so that I could sleep when I needed to and to try to kick this cold into touch, so that I am fit for a busy week ahead.

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