Spontaneity – The Spice of Life

Being spontaneous is a useful test for the mind; being able to switch from one plan to another  without too much debate is a skill that I have developed over my years as Joshua’s Mum and now I am a master at it. This skill was tested fully yesterday. My unpredictable day began when the train to London that I had booked for work, was delayed by 46 minutes due to ‘trespassers on the line’, typical when for once in my life I was 15 minutes early for the train. While I had built in some slack to my travel plans, a 46 minute delay would be just too tight so I had to go back to the ticket office and buy another single ticket for the next train. So I returned to the platform and boarded the train that was 20 minutes later than my originally planned one. My connections all worked well and so I arrived at my destination with plenty of time to spare.

So I decided to buy an early lunch as I knew it would be a busy day, and I promptly spilled it down my front so I no longer looked as smart as I did when I had set off. As I was staying overnight, I changed in the toilets to my other outfit and nobody was any the wiser. I arrived at the research studio, where my client had just arrived too and it was necessary to set up the room as to how we wanted it. During the course of the day I ran three focus group discussions, which I enjoyed. I had planned to check into my hotel during the break between groups, but my client invited me to join her for lunch and so I felt that I ought to do that. She is Italian and was unsure where to go to eat so I made some choices on our behalf and we had a pleasant chat and meal, before heading back to work.

I finished my final focus group at 8.45 pm and  I checked my phone messages. I knew that our cocker spaniel, Ruby, is expecting puppies around the end of this week, but I had two messages telling me that she was nesting and had changed her breathing pattern, so that things appeared to be moving. I decided that I could not stay so far away in a hotel room, wondering what was happening, and so I collected up my belongings and bought another single ticket home, and arrived home at 1 am, where Yorkshire Grandma was sitting with Ruby. I slept downstairs with her in the camp bed that my husband had set up. I can report that this morning, we still only have three dogs in the family, but watch this space.

Yorkshire Grandma stayed overnight as she was due to have packed Joshua off to school for me this morning, so not only am I flexible in my planning, but I need those who support me to be equally spontaneous and flexible, and fortunately she is! Joshua was delighted to have breakfast this morning with Mum, Dad and Yorkshire Grandma, so now let us see what today brings…..

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