School Days

I have swapped my day off this week and so I am not in work today, but instead, in my Parent Governor capacity, I will be in school all day. There are teaching posts that we are interviewing for and I am one on the panel of four who will be asking questions and assessing the candidates. I have not done it for some years now but I recall that I have enjoyed it when I have been involved and that I found it to be an emotional experience. I have a different perspective to the other members of the panel, as I am the only one who has a child with Special Needs at the school and I feel that will give me a unique perspective. I will be looking to see if each candidate is someone that I would like to have teaching Joshua, whereas the Head and HR will be presumably looking more at their employment record and their future potential. I will want them to demonstrate how they would engage my cheeky, lively son who has a very short attention span.

Every candidate, and there are 8 of them, will have to give a lesson which will be observed by the assistant head before their interview, and then we will ask the same questions of everyone so that we can compare the responses. I know how anxious the candidates will be as they are looking for permanent contracts in school and so I will try my best to put them at their ease, so that they can perform at their best. As I have worked for the same company for 29 years, I have not had much experience of being interviewed, in fact I have had more experience being the interviewer. We will have an individual rating system for how well each question is answered , so that the panel then compares overall scores. In the main, when I have been involved before, our ratings have been consistent, which gives reassurance, but on occasions we have had to speak up for a particular candidate and give our reasons for our support.

So today I am taking Joshua into school with me, which I always enjoy, and I will bring him home at the end of the day too. I have already arranged that he goes into after school club until we are finished our debate. Lets see what today brings….

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