Friday Fitting

By the time Friday comes around, we are all exhausted in our family. Joshua was very weary when he got home from school, he went through to his den and curled up on the settee where he dozed while waiting for his tea to be ready. He ate his quiche greedily, then resumed his sleeping position, contented that he was full again. We made the most of the quiet and had our late lunch/early tea and Joshua unusually appeared just as we finished – usually he arrives as we sit down to eat and then creates as much distraction as possible ,so that he gets my attention!

My husband declared that he wanted the first bath, but Joshua heard the water running, and he muscled in on his dad’s bath and he jumped his place in the queue! Joshua enjoyed his bath for about 20 minutes and then, unusually, he stood up to get out. As I looked at his eyes, I saw that they were rolling in his head and I immediately recognised that a seizure was imminent ,so I lowered him back down into the water, before he fell down. As the seizures arrived, I was able to hold his head up but I was trapped under him, so I shouted for his Dad to come to help us. Luckily he heard me and came quickly, as the seizures rumbled on. While his Dad lifted Joshua up under his arms, I grabbed his feet and between us, we maneuvered him out of the bathroom and down the corridor, to lie on  towels on his bed. I marvelled to myself at how I had managed such a procedure earlier this year on my own, as it seemed to be difficult, even with two of us last night.

As the seizures still kept coming, though slower, on his bed, my husband passed me his rescue medication. I am always reluctant to administer it when the seizures seem to be slowing down, so I told him, one more and you will have to have your Midazolam, while waving the syringe in front of him.  But my threat did not work as another came, so I gave him the drug, then lay next to him on his bed watching the seizures finally subside. They took up to ten minutes to stop completely and then soon after, Joshua had no option but to close his eyes and fall asleep. The combined effect of  a full week of school, eight minutes of fitting then the anesthetising drug, took their toll on him and he fell into a deep sleep with both small dogs on his bed to loyally guard and protect him.

That is the second dose of emergency medication that Joshua has needed in less than a week, so that is not good. It will leave him drowsy today still, as it’s effects stay around for at least 24 hours, so that is not the best start to his weekend. But I am glad that on both occasions recently, he has been at home and so we have been able to move swiftly , he has been able to sleep it off afterwards in comfort and the Midazolam has done its job, so there has been no need to involve ambulances. The ruling is that 999 has to be called if the rescue medication does not take effect within 10-15 minutes, and thankfully on both of these latest occasions, it has worked in a timely fashion. It is always stressful, even after years of experience, as the threat that the seizures will not respond is ever present and a hospital admission, or a visit to A&E, is the last thing that any of us want ,or need, at present.

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