Wave Away!

Joshua woke yesterday , recovered from his seizures and rescue medication, so he seemed to sleep it all off, which was a relief as sometimes it can wipe out an entire weekend. There was only one hint of another seizure last night: Joshua and I were dancing at an outdoor beer festival , when suddenly his pupils went up inside his head and he stood still, as though he was about to fall over. It was a busy dance floor so I hugged him to me and shouted across to his Dad to come to help. we walked him back to the rug where we had been sitting, where I expected more seizures to follow, but it was the only one, thankfully.

He enjoyed the evening out with friends, cousins and his Aunt and Uncle. He tucked into a bag of crisps, tried his luck at skittles, watched his movies on his ipad with his cousin and we danced to the live music. He spent a lot of time waving at people, hoping for a wave back in return. In fact after our weekly Tesco shop in the morning, when he had done really well, we were not allowed to leave. We had to sit on the seats at the end of the tills, waving at everyone who passed by with their shopping. Most people were pretty grumpy and were focussed on their shopping, so we had to wait what seemed like a long time to get the response that he was looking for. He did not seem to be deterred that mostly he was blanked or at best, he received a smile, but he was delighted  on the rare occasions, when he got a wave back.

Waving and pointing is Joshua’s communication, it is his greeting, so it must be like being ignored when he does not get a wave back.  I help and hint by saying ” Look Joshua, these nice people will give you a wave” and his face lights up when they respond, even if they did need a nudge.

Isaac & JFC


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