Something for the weekend

This coming weekend, my husband is going away with his sisters and his Mum ; he booked the accommodation back in February, so it is a long standing plan. I had told my Mum about their trip in the spring and we had agreed that we would do something while he was away, and so now we have got here, there was a hole in my plan. My husband said that there was room for Joshua and me in the cottage, but I turned him down as we do not wish to cramp their family style. So I have made new plans of my own:

I am back in school tomorrow again, so I get to drive Joshua into school. In the morning I am doing a Learning Walk with my Governor hat on and in the afternoon, it is my termly Mental Health session with parents at school. I have chosen the topic of Grief to cover as it is so close to my heart at present. My sister is coming over to join us again, which will be great,and then she is staying overnight, so we will get plenty of time to catch up. I have invited a friend and her son for tea on Saturday night, so Joshua and I will be hitting Tesco no doubt, to prepare some tasty treats. So we will not have time to get too sad , or lonely, I hope.

This has been my first week that has been really busy with both work and school , since Mum died and while I have relished the distraction, it has been tiring too, particularly as I am not sleeping well at night. Yesterday I had to drive over three hours to meet with my new client and after just three hours sleep the night before; I had to stop at services en route to be able to close my stinging, tired eyes. When I got to my hotel last night, rather than going out again to find an evening meal, I had a 2 hour nap on my bed. So I caught up on my missing sleep, whenever I could. Today I am attending a market research conference, so I am hoping that it is lively enough to keep me awake and learning, as sitting listening in a warm hotel room all day, may not be the best idea for me today.

This week is real proof for me that Life Goes On and so it is a challenging week in many ways. When I was interviewing at school on Monday, I was on the panel with the same staff who I interviewed with in May, the day before Mum died; they both gave me a sympathetic smile and asked me how I was doing, but nothing more was said on the matter. Yesterday I had a productive meeting with a new client that Mum had been interested in and supportive of ; having completed the day, I wanted to call Mum to tell her all about it. It is the first night that I have been away from home on business since Mum died, so that felt odd too. There will be plenty more of these firsts to come I know, and some may catch me unaware but others, like this coming weekend, I can plan to minimise their impact.


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