The Host without the Most

Joshua was not in the best mood yesterday, he woke up pretty grumpy and didn’t really recover, apart from a few bright moments. He was atypically cross from breakfast time onwards, and gave me a few smacks over breakfast, so maybe he was not feeling well.  He enjoyed his trip to Tesco, but looked rather washed out when he sat on the seats at the end of the tills after zooming around the store at high speed. He retired to his den while I unpacked the shopping, and when my friend’s son arrived to stay overnight – he gave them a smile but didn’t come out of his den to join in. So we did some weeding and tidying up jobs outside, while he stayed indoors and watched his show.

Next my niece and her boyfriend arrived to meet their new puppy, Hugo and there was much excitement at their first meeting, as they fell in love at first sight with the wriggly, black ball of fur. Joshua peered into the room to see what was going on, but then retired back to his den. We had a salad buffet lunch and I took him some of his favourite quiche, but he ate one mouthful then rejected it. He did the same with the cake that I had made for our guests. We were all full so we sat outside in the garden, on picnic rugs, with the puppies to play with and snuggle. Joshua would come and sit on a rug for a few minutes, then go back indoors again, which was pretty anti-social.

Later, around 4.30,  my sister in law, brother in law and nephew joined us as they had been to a local university open day to look around. Joshua came outside to see that the party had expanded further and he only stayed very briefly, to acknowledge our guests, then he returned back to den and later he lay on his bed watching a Bruce Springsteen DVD, abstaining totally. He clearly was not in the mood to socialise and he perhaps resented the fact that the puppies were the main attraction.!

I gave him his supper quietly on his own in his bedroom , and he did enjoy and eat that , responding perhaps to some one on one time too. I took our young overnight guest out to buy a takeaway for our tea as I was too tired to cook anymore, and while we were enjoying eating that, Joshua appeared downstairs to demand a bath. Once the boys were eating  their pudding of banana splits, I took Joshua for his bath and some more quiet time, just us two. He then got into his PJs and had an early night.

I am hoping that my usually sociable son, resets overnight so that he joins in more today. Perhaps he was just having on off day and he needed some quiet time or maybe he was reacting to the fact that I was distracted by our guests and was not giving him the full attention that he wanted.

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