Puppy Love

Incredibly Ruby’s puppies will be 7 weeks old today. They have been such a blessing in my life and I have adored watching them grow in size and confidence during that 7 weeks. Yesterday I had the best welcome home at lunchtime as I opened the front door and six dogs spilled out, all delighted to see me home after four hours of being away at the office. We are fortunate enough to have a field that we can walk our dogs in, where no other dogs go, so it is safe for the puppies, before they have had their injections. I led them all around the perimeter of the field and the pups followed me and their parents enthusiastically and it was a long way for their short legs. When we got back to the house, I ate my sandwich outside and then lay on the picnic rug and played with the puppies for the remaining ten minutes of my  lunch hour. I could have easily stayed there all afternoon in the sunshine.

It will be tough to part with this litter, as they have brought me such joy at a difficult time in my life, but I know how happy these puppies will make our nieces and I will get to see them grow up as they are staying within the family and we are keeping Betty Boo. These dogs will make their new houses into homes, as I cannot imagine our home without at least one dog in it. We got our first dog, Shandy, when I was two years old and since then I have only been dogless when I was away at university, and even then my future mother in law was keeping Barney at her house, ready for when I graduated.

I like to think that we are giving these puppies a good start in life : Their mum has been an excellent mother to them with her feeding, cleaning and protecting them. We kept Joshua away from them until they were a decent size and speed – only yesterday he trod on one’s tail in his big NHS boots and made it squeal! They were in the safety of the utility room for their early weeks and now they love being outside in the yard to the front and on the lawn to the back of the house, where they have freedom to run and play together. They certainly appear to be happy, healthy puppies and in a weeks’ time they can have their first inoculations and we will get them micro-chipped. That is about the last thing that we can do for them before releasing them out into the world, where I know that they will be spoiled rotten and loved to pieces.

I am not sure that Joshua can tell them apart – my husband struggles – so I doubt he will notice when Hugo leaves at the end of the month and then there will be just two puppies instead of three. Joshua has never not had at least one dog in his family and they have all learned to be gentle with him, despite the way he stretches their necks and flicks their ears. They have also learnt how to jump out of his way as he walks around the house or as he crashes to the floor with a seizure. The puppies have not yet witnessed a tonic clonic seizure, but they will I am sure and it will be interesting to see how they respond.

So happy 7 week birthday puppies, you have brought more love and joy to our home and you are on the brink of a new adventure.

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