The Incredible Hulk

Joshua was in an unusually bad mood yesterday but he was livelier than he had been all week. He started off happily enough, coming downstairs around 8 am with a smile on his face and his usual hug for me and he ate his Weetabix happily enough. As soon as he was dressed, he began kicking at the gate to go out, so I decided to take him to the office with me, as I needed to send myself an email that I would need later. As we drove passed Tesco, he began to kick the car, cross that I was not turning in for our normal Saturday morning jaunt. So after we had done my quick job at work, I decided to treat him to pick up a few bits and pieces at Tesco, and that made him happier, though we ran round and were in and out in 5 minutes.

While we were out my husband had packed up the car as we were heading away overnight, so I transferred Joshua into the front seat of our truck, which we use when we are transporting 5 dogs, and I went indoors to find coats and do a final check that we had everything. When I came back outside, he was kicking the car, inpatient to get going. So I transferred him from the front seat into the back, where he could do less damage, and we set off. During the journey, there was still some kicking and banging on my head rest, but he dozed off eventually too. Not that he deserved it, we stopped at Donalds for an early lunch and while he was happy to go in, he did not eat everything and he decided that he had had enough and tried to stand up and leave while we were still finishing our lunch.

We arrived at our cottage and he explored, then had a lie down on the settee – it is exhausting protesting all of the time. Unfortunately, it was not long before we were due out again, so he was not impressed when I tried to put his splints and boots back on. We met friends at a cafe and sat outside as the sun had come out, but we were sitting on picnic benches which had no back support so he was not very comfortable. We bought him a slice of cake to cheer him up but he refused to eat it at first and would only drink his orange juice. He kept smacking both me and his Dad during that cafe experience, hard enough to sting, and his eyes were blazing, I joked that he looked like The Incredible Hulk. He threw a china cup onto the ground, where it shattered, in protest. We wanted to look around the 1940’s weekend display , but he was less keen – stamping on his wheelchair footplate or pulling away and kicking when he was walking. Clearly Joshua was not impressed by our choice of weekend entertainment!

We took him back to the cottage, where he lay on his bed for a while – having timeout with the Live8 show – and that seemed to do the trick, his eyes were less angry when we were ready to go out again, for a pub tea this time for a friend’s birthday. I was expecting more of the same behaviour, and went armed with his ipad, but he behaved really well sitting between his parents and he ate , and enjoyed, all of his meal. He was back to normal, smiling and waving at everyone in the pub and enjoying Shrek as a distraction from the boring conversation. Afterwards we took the dogs a walk and he walked much, much further than I expected him to be able to manage, and with a big smile on his face. We got home at 10 ish and he slid willingingly into bed. I am just hoping that my smiling son wakes up today and not his alter-ego, The Incredible Hulk!

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