Back Home

Joshua had a much quieter day yesterday: after his long walk the night before and not getting to bed until 10.30 pm, he slept in until 9.45, so he was worn out. He gave me a big smile as I walked into his bedroom to see if he was OK, so that was a better start to the day. He enjoyed a bowl of porridge in bed and lay watching his Live8 show for a while, before coming downstairs, which was a further indication that he was feeling better and more relaxed than on Saturday. So I was delighted to see that the Incredible Hulk had only made a brief visit to our family.

My husband and I had gardening chores to complete yesterday at our cottage, as we had not been for so long, so the hedge was wild and the grass needed cutting too. Joshua was settled indoors, so my husband cut the hedge and my job was to collect the trimmings and remove them to a bonfire pile. We worked hard and well together , in between regular checks to ensure Joshua was OK, and as we were nearing the end, I mowed the lawn to pick up the small pieces of hawthorn. We were pleased with our handiwork but worn out when we had finished, around 3 pm. We had a snack lunch at home – our neighbour had kindly brought us some fresh eggs from her hens and a slice of chocolate cake each, so we enjoyed them for lunch. Then we needed a little  lie down to recover, but of course Joshua was well rested and so he did not comply very well with the siesta-plan. Eventually I persuaded him to snuggle into me on the settee, and we had a lovely nap together, like old times.

When woke up it was time to pack up and clean up the cottage, ready to go home, as although Joshua is on school holidays, we are both working for the next two weeks until our family holiday. Joshua will spend his days with Yorkshire Grandma and I am sure that they will have some fun. She will arrive this morning at 8.30 and no doubt she will already have a plan which is based upon the weather forecast. We arrived home at 10.20 last night and Joshua was clearly delighted to be back, he was beaming, even when I took him straight upstairs and changed him into his PJs. He snuggled down into his bed and looked very contented to be back in his own bed and I have not heard a peep from him all night. Most people love some time away, a break from the normal routine, but Joshua has always preferred coming home to going away, which is lucky as he spends more time here than anywhere else. He is not upset by change, but he does love his home comforts and his own spaces of his bedroom and his den. As he walked in last night, he looked at himself in the mirror in the hall, and tapped his chest , indicating “love”, so he loved being home again, which made me happy.

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