Full Friday

I have a busy day ahead today, with lots to do :this morning I will be getting ready for a gathering of school Mums and their children in the garden, which we organised for today months ago. We are going to have a buffet , while the children run around the garden, hopefully us Mums will have a chance to chat and maybe even relax. I made the same invitation last year and it seemed to go down well, so I have extended the invite slightly this year. After all this very hot weather, it seems to be more comfortable today and hopefully it will stay dry. I have made a start on the baking already and have done my food shop too, so I will need to tidy up this morning and get some garden furniture ready for the midday arrivals.

I have however warned everyone that this garden party will be over by 2.30, as then I will be taking Joshua to his respite provision , to start his weekend stay. He will be there for three nights which will be his longest stay so far and Yorkshire Grandma will collect him on Monday morning and bring him home. I really hope that the hot weather cools as it is forecast to do, so that he is less likely to have a cluster of seizures and require emergency medication and so that he can get out and about and have some fun.

Then I will come home and finish packing then head over to Mum’s house, leaving all but one dog at home for Yorkshire Grandma to take care of. We will be delivering puppy Hugo to our niece which is going to be his new home. I know that they will love him and take good care of him, but I am still a little sad to be breaking up the happy family of five and I know that I will miss the gang leader of the three puppies. Once Hugo is safely delivered, then we have booked to go out for a Thai meal with my sister and niece in mum’s home town to start off our mini-break. We will all four stay overnight in Mum’s house as we will be flying on Saturday morning, on a trip to where Mum spent her happy childhood, to scatter her ashes there, along with two of her sisters. So it promises to be an emotional weekend, but one that I am looking forward to very much. With all these activities to coordinate, I hope that everything goes to plan.

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