Garden Party

As I was getting ready for our guests yesterday morning, the heavens opened and it poured with rain and we had thunder and lightening too. I had planned that we would eat in the garden, so that meant a quick change of plan so I laid out our buffet lunch on the dining room table instead. Joshua dozed and watched his Show in den most of the morning so he allowed me to cook, tidy and pack too as there was quite a lot to do. In the end we had 7 visitors came for lunch  – four Mums and three teenagers. The sun came out again, so we were out in the garden when Joshua peered out of the back door to see what the commotion was, he was surprised to see our guests there and he smiled then he quickly disappeared back indoors, where he pretty much remained. I tried to encourage him into the dining room for some lunch, but he voted with his feet and although he knelt on the rug later, he soon retreated.

But the rest of us enjoyed a tasty lunch and then we went outside to play with the puppies. While one of our teenaged guests was instantly in love with them and carried them around, another was afraid of them and was not happy when he saw his Mum cuddle one of them. He ran around the garden to get away from them but unfortunately, the puppies thought that was a fun game and chased him round. His Mum hoped that he would settle down and get used to them, as she had wondered about a dog in their family, but he never overcame his fear and they decided to leave soon afterwards. The rest of us sat for a while in the sunshine, with puppies tumbling about, then everyone packed up to go, taking some leftover food with them.

Of course Joshua emerged from his pretend sleep, as soon as the guests left. I cleared away and then took him to his respite provision, where he was happy to be, as he sat in the lounge on their familiar settee. With three overnight stays, this will be his longest break there yet and we will be the furthest that we have ever been away from him too, with a flight being necessary if we have to dash back, so we have everything crossed for a smooth visit.

We left home with Hugo the puppy, to take him to our niece , in his new forever home. They are looking forward to having him very much but I had not anticipated how hard it would be to let him go. He followed me around and looked rather confused by what was going home, but he will be spoilt with toys and a smart dog bed in their bedroom, so i am certain that he will soon settle in there.

So it was a busy day, full of change.

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