Day 5 of Holidays

Back in 2015 we scattered Dad’s ashes on a favourite walk here, on a cliff over looking the bay and town where our family holiday home is located and I since found out that his brother and sister’s ashes are in the same location. I had been really moved back then when we found small blue butterflies all over the area where we had scattered Dad’s ashes as they had felt like a symbol of new life to me, as though his spirit was transferred into these delicate butterflies. So as I drove with Joshua up to the same cliff top yesterday, I was hoping to be greeted by the same sight where we scattered Mum’s ashes, but I was not optimistic as it was a sunny but windy day and so I thought that butterflies might struggle to survive on that exposed clifftop.

My husband walked up with the dogs and we were meeting him there – while Joshua was impressive at walking the day before, we did not wish to overface him with a hike up a hill! So I parked nearby the location and carried ashes under one arm and held Joshua’s hand as we walked towards the sheltered spot where we had scattered dad’s ashes four years earlier. Mum had been with us then and it was the only time I had seen her cry over Dad’s death, and I reflected that I did not expect to be back here so soon. As we approached, I was delighted to see two small blue butterflies lazing in the sun, just waiting for me it seemed. It is, we have learned since, called the Chalkhill Blue and only lives in the South on chalky cliffs between July and September. I helped an inpatient Joshua – who had been hoping for a pub lunch rather than a walk – to sit down as I photographed the pair of butterflies. Then as I looked around, more were fluttering around the spot and of course I cried, I was so pleased to see them and they were just what I needed to see at that moment.

Joshua was delighted to see his Dad and the dogs appear on the horizon,as that meant that his longed for lunch might be more imminent and his weeping mother wasn’t much company. My husband and I each scattered some ashes each in the sheltered spot and said our goodbyes again as the butterflies danced around.Both of my parents ashes are together now overlooking the sandy beach of my childhood holidays and I thought what happy places they have chosen as final resting places and they are both locations that we will enjoy visiting again in the future.

Then, as we did after we had scattered Dad’s ashes, we walked up the hill to the pub with the best views on the island, where we toasted my parents with a drink and a tasty pub lunch .Joshua will not have understood the significance of what we were doing, but he was with us and then he certainly appreciated the refreshments afterwards.

Rest In Peace Mum and Dad xxx

Chalkhill Blue

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