Day 10 of Holidays

We do not go out much in the evenings on holiday; after a day out and about, after his evening meal, Joshua likes to have a bath, laze around then to be tucked up in bed around 9 pm. But last night we broke that pattern to be able to enjoy some live music. In order to prepare for our big night out, we came home around 4 pm, when he had a siesta  – I pinched one too! Then we headed out again around 6 and parked in the busy town. Joshua walked between us happily to the bar where the band were performing and we managed to find a picnic bench to sit at while we waited for them to begin. I know that he is not comfortable in this type of seating, with no back support, so he was soon wriggling and trying to stand up. We kept him entertained for a while by buying us some street food  and then the band finally came on and he was occupied for a while, enjoying their performance.

But then he was uncomfortable and we wished we had brought the wheelchair, as it would have been a more comfortable seat for him.My husband took him for a walk around and then we both took turns at that – one walking with Joshua, while the other held our table. I took him to nearer the stage, where he stood for a while enjoying the live music experience but then it became clear that he was cold. When he sat down, we wrapped him in my coat too and he was happy to sit that way, holding my hand, for some time. Joshua’s circulation is not very good, so his hands and feet soon get icy cold and he struggles to warm him self up again – this is alien to me as I always have warm hands and feet. On one of our wanders, he spotted an art gallery with comfortable leather sofas in the window, and he fancied sitting there so he rattled, then kicked, the locked doors trying to get in!

The band finished at 9 pm, when he is usually in bed, so we walked him back to the car. he strode out well, confident that he would be heading home in his warm car soon. When we got back to the house, he went straight to bed after his big night out. So on Sunday he was able to make choices about what he wanted to do on the pier, but last night he had to fit in with what we wanted to do. He certainly enjoyed the live music, but he would definitely have had more fun if he could have been warmer and more comfortable, so we will go more prepared next time.

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