Day 14 of Holidays

Unbelievably we arrived here for our family holiday, two weeks ago : it has passed quickly but also, it feels as though we have been here for a good, long stay. I always struggle to leave and so I usually buy a flexible ferry ticket, to give myself scope to delay our return home. This holiday was no exception and I have changed our ferry to another 24 hours later. I know that it will make the return to work on Monday morning tougher, as we will not get home until late on Sunday night, but right now, it feels as though we have been blessed with the gift of time, by adding an extra night onto our stay! It is a classic case of my heart ruling my head, once again. Joshua does not have to get up for school on Monday, as he still has another fortnight off, and my husband has booked Monday off work too, so it will only be me having to rush around on Monday morning.

It was another very wet day yesterday and so we were glad that we had enjoyed our beach day the day before. I baked a cake in the morning and we took it round to my Aunt and Uncle, as we hardly got a chance to chat at their golden party last weekend. Joshua made himself at home in their house again, and we were able to chat best when he was dozing on the settee in their lounge. The puppies had a run around their garden, showing the chaos that we enjoy in our household on a daily basis.

From there we went to Cowes, where it was the last day of Cowes Week, finished off with a display from the Typhoon aircraft and fireworks later. But the town was awash with rain and cloud, spoiling all of the carnival atmosphere and it was uncharacteristically empty too, as the weather kept the usual crowds away. We parked at the opposite end of the prom from the activities and Joshua walked into town with us, we were all drenched by the time we reached a bar for a tasty lunch. We were all happy to shelter and Joshua was delighted to sit down and enjoy more scampi and chips! After lunch, we continued through the town , window shopping . The only shop that I dipped into was White Stuff to look in their sale and conveniently, they had a leather bench near the door, where Joshua could rest his weary legs. He sat beautifully while I browsed and my husband decided to walk back to collect the car rather than expecting Joshua to retrace his very wet steps.

Joshua refused to leave the store and head back out into the rain and we had a lovely chat with  a sales assistant, who invited us to shelter there until our lift arrived, even though I had only purchased a pair of socks! It soon became clear that she had experience of dealing with young people with special needs as she perched on the stool next to him and let him tug her ponytail. After asking him lots of questions about his holiday and school, she declared that she took care of an autistic young man in the holidays and worked at a special school on the island, which perfectly explained her ease with Joshua. After about 15 minutes, she helped me get him out of the door and we walked a short way to the pre-arranged meeting point , where we could sit under shelter. While we were still waiting, the same sales assistant passed us and grinned, Joshua recognised her and gave her a smile and a wave, which was really special, but she had made  a real effort to make a connection with him and it had worked.

The most excited that we saw Joshua all day yesterday, was when we pulled into the drive arriving back at the cottage – he is such a home bird – and particularly when it is wet, he immediately got his boots off and snuggled up on the settee with a smile on his face – ‘Back home!’.

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