Day 15 of Holidays

So our last day of the holiday has finally arrived and it is time to face the pack up, clean up and long drive home – it always seems further away on the way back than it did when we excitedly drove down here.This will certainly be the holiday that I remember for Joshua walking everywhere and for him making the most of the amusements on the pier. We planned to make  a return visit there last night after his tea, but Joshua’s seizures got in the way of that plan and so it was a quiet night in with a bath and takeaway instead to round off our holiday.

We certainly made the most of our bonus extra day as we attended the annual Garlic Festival, which I had never seen before so expected it to be a small event with food and garlic stalls that we would cover in around an hour. But it was a large, fun event that occupied us all afternoon until 5.30. As soon as we arrived at midday, Joshua identified his favourite food vendor that he has enjoyed at other island events, Whitby scampi and chips and he pointed it out to me! So we set out the picnic rug in front of the music stage and my husband bought him a box of his current favourite food, which he enjoyed. Then he and I sat listening to a great ska band, while my husband explored the stalls and exhibits, bringing me a cup of tea and a lemon crepe to sustain me.

Gradually the sun came out from behind the threatening grey clouds and after Joshua had a doze, we went to explore the festival and enjoyed the variety that we found. Joshua sat down on a bench watching a circus school/children’s entertainment company where they were teaching young children to juggle, tight-rope walk, hula-hoop, balance and ride on a unicycle. It was a very busy, fun place and the ringmaster spotted Joshua watching and she told him that it was boring to watch and he should get involved! So a man brought him some juggling balls and I explained that he only had one working hand, so that might be challenging for him. Kindly he threw juggling balls for him to catch and Joshua threw them back at him and they had a sweet game together that made him giggle. I had a go with a hula-hoop and lassoed Joshua with one. The circus company go to areas of need apparently, all over the world, wherever there is  a need for children to have fun and to be reminded about how to be children, which is a worthy cause, and they were very talented at getting children involved certainly and offering them encouragement. We spent well over half an hour with them, then caught some of the dog agility performance on the way back to the rug . All three of us found something that we liked at this festival, and the weather forecast seemed to have scared some people off too as it was not too crowded. It was certainly worth staying another day to include it on our itinerary.

But later, it will be time to say our goodbyes and hope that Joshua copes with the long drive back. We cannot be too sad to leave as we have been lucky enough to enjoy 15 days here and , in two months time, we will be back for October half term!

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