Home Again

Joshua behaved really well yesterday, on what must have been a pretty dull day for him. He watched his Bruce Springsteen DVD most of the morning while we packed and tidied up and he even tried to join in with some hoovering. He was delighted when at 1 pm we were finally ready to get in the car, so he cannot have realised that a long journey lay ahead, or he might have been less keen. Joshua loves the ferry and was very excited to find a seat on deck, where he spent most of the crossing waving at fellow passengers and tucking into his 8th meal of scampi and chips of the holiday – that is his new favourite dish.

Both Joshua and I dozed on the first leg of the journey back on the mainland, so the time flew for us as we were chauffeur -driven. Only after several hours, did Joshua indicate that he was bored in the back by starting to hit the back of my headrest and kicking my seat, so I provided Shrek on the iPad and he settled down again to enjoy the film. With less than two hours until home, we stopped at Donalds for a break and something to eat. As we were parking Joshua was shouting “thank you” in excitement and he ate all of his burger and drank most of his juice. Full and refreshed, he was happy enough to return to the back of the car and continue the journey home, where we finally arrived at 9 pm – eight hours after we left.

Joshua was delighted to get home and spent some time admiring himself in the hall mirror, maybe checking out his suntan and freckles, while we unloaded the car and got the first wash on. Then it was time for a bath which he enjoyed and into his own bed. Joshua has always loved coming home and Yorkshire Grandma cannot wait to see him this morning, as I head back to work. I always struggle after a family holiday together as I have become accustomed to spending time with Joshua 24/7 and so I miss him and always feel as though I am missing out on the school holidays. But it will soon be the August Bank holiday weekend , so I cannot be too greedy and we have enjoyed over two weeks away together. Before we know it, we will be in September and his final year at school will be on the horizon, so I am not in any hurry to wish the next two weeks away.

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