School Plans

Amazingly there are now less than two weeks left of Joshua’s school holidays, as ever they seem to have flown by for me. So I am turning my attention to the things that we need to do before he sets off on the last year of his school career:

Most Mums seem to buy new school shoes for the new term I notice, as though their children’s feet have expanded in the last 6 weeks. But Joshua will still be in his same NHS black boots that fit over his splints so we do not need to worry about that shopping trip – they might get a polish though. He does not need any new school uniform as they wear their own clothes in 6th form.

Some summers Joshua’s sleeping habits have become really bad in the holidays, with late nights and long lie ins, so we have had to try to train him back into being able to get up at 7.30. But Joshua has slept really well this summer and has continued to be asleep in bed between 9 and 10 pm , so although he is not naturally waking up early, he should be rested enough to be able to cope. Although we might expect to see the return of the after-school nap as he adjusts to the busier, more structured days.

For some SEN children, going back to school to a new classroom and a new teacher is traumatic, but Joshua will return to the sixth form area – he seemed to have free rein between the classrooms up there – and he will have seen his new teacher around last year, so I do not expect that to be a tough transition for him. The changeover that he struggled most with was he moved upstairs to 6th form as it was a totally alien part of the school and was more confined,as he had been used to wandering around the full downstairs. That is when he began kicking doors and whenever he had the opportunity, he would try to escape to his previous classroom and familiar teacher.

Some SEN children miss the routine of school during this long holiday and ask their parents everyday, when they will be returning and some even demand proof that school is closed. We are fortunate that Joshua deals only in the here and now and while he is happy at school, he is just as happy on holiday. He does not worry too much about routine or appear to miss something when it has gone, which is a helpful, placid approach to life.

So we have more family time this long bank holiday weekend and then he has another week at home with Yorkshire Grandma,another weekend in respite, and then he returns to school, which I am neither dreading nor looking forward to. So I am hoping that when the time comes, we will both take it in our strides.

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