Big Friday Night Out

So Joshua had one of those opportunities that I wrote about last night : the band that we enjoy and have followed on the Isle of Wight were bizarrely giving a performance much nearer home and close to my sister’s hometown. So I bought 6 tickets for us to go with my sister, niece and her boyfriend. It was in a small venue where we were able to eat first and then sit and enjoy the music. We were the first in our party to arrive and had a big welcome from the promoter of the event, who I had spoken to on the telephone when I got the tickets. We found a table for six and sat down, Joshua was restless – as we had driven passed a Donalds close by and he had expected to eat there, so I had warned my sister that we would order our meals as soon as we arrived. Luckily his dish of the moment – scampi and chips – was on the menu so all was well.

Joshua was thrilled when his aunt and cousin arrived and joined us he took that in his stride as he is pretty used to them turning up unexpectedly , but he was even more excited when his new buddy arrived too and my niece’s boyfriend was greeted with a big grin and a spontaneous thumbs up . Soon after his scampi arrived, so he was a happy young man , thinking that he had come out for a meal with his family. At 8.30 they cleared the empty plates away, ready for the performance to begin. While he watched and listened to some of the songs – Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain went down best with him shouting out ‘ooohs’ – it really was his bedtime and so he was seeking out how to get comfortable at the table. During the first set , he leant on my tummy or my arm but during the interval, my husband got his car cushion for him to get more comfortable. It did not finish until 11 pm, which way past his bedtime, but he livened up towards the end of the show.

I like to think that we gave him an opportunity to enjoy some live music and a feast with his family and I am happy that he enjoyed some of the evening and managed to get comfortable enough to allow us to enjoy all of the evening out together.  The music was  a brilliant combination of their own creations and more familiar covers. Even though Joshua wanted to eat at Donalds and  then nap, I know that he enjoyed much of the evening. It is good for him to be able to fit in with what others want to do too, it cannot always be about what suits Joshua best; he is learning how to compromise and might surprise himself in the process. I think that part of offering him opportunities, is for him to share in the experiences that others choose too, not only to be able to do what Joshua chooses.

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