Blind Faith

I could not write my blog first thing this morning as I usually do as I had misplaced my glasses, so I could not see well enough to type . I felt totally lost not being able to see properly and of course, I needed my glasses on to be able to look for my glasses, so I was stuck.

It made me think about Joshua’s eyesight as he has not had it formally tested for many years. It was one of the senses that we were warned would be affected by his stroke and certainly there was a clear problem with his peripheral vision when he was small . He used to ignore toys in a certain location as he could not see them and he fell over low level obstacles a lot. But he does not trip very often at all these days , in fact he has real dexterity picking his way through obstacles. So he has either got more spatial awareness now or his vision may have improved. He can certainly pick me out of a crowd at a reasonable distance.

When he was very young , Joshua was sedated so that the doctor could examine his eyes . The conclusion was that his eyes worked perfectly but due to his brain damage , the signals were not getting through effectively, so glasses would not help him. He still went for regular eye tests when he was small naming ducks and balloons on an eye test chart. But when he lost his language , he lost that naming skill so could no longer cooperate with traditional eye tests and he has simply to live with any visual impairment that he has. He certainly has adapted well over the years and makes much less fuss than I made this morning when I could not find my glasses. Maybe it is a matter of simply not missing what he’s never had.

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