Now the end is near…

I swapped my Friday-off yesterday for a Monday, so that I could spend the penultimate day of the holidays with Joshua and so that I could be here to welcome the window installers on the first day of their installation too, so it worked out well. Being off, I also offered to have a friend’s son round to play  as his parents were both due back at work. I managed to make some 9 am phone calls on Mum’s estate before Joshua awoke and anyone arrived, so that was timely and productive.  It was pretty chaotic once the window installers arrived as the dogs barked at them as they moved around the house, Joshua kept standing in their way and the phone kept ringing.

So we took the dogs for a walk on the way to the swimming pool. It was fun walking along the old railway line with two boys and 4 excited dogs. We went to the pool that I had raved about at the start of the summer again, but it was much busier this time as everyone must have had the same idea. That meant that we had to wait for a family changing room both to get undressed and dressed again, and Joshua is not a very patient waiter. But it was worth it once we got into the pool, he grinned as we waded out into the water and splashed around happily. Our young friend had several goes on the slide, while we bobbed about in the water, trying to avoid other swimmers, then he took care of Joshua while I had a go on the slide too. I watched the pair of young men from the slide queue and smiled as I saw them interacting, so much so that Joshua did not miss me at all. We splashed about  when the wave machine came on and then we decided that we were hungry, so we got out of the pool. It is quite hard work dressing both yourself and Joshua after a swim, keeping all of his dry clothes off the wet floor and keeping him from getting cold, but we managed.

We ended up in a fish and chip shop for our late lunch, where I did not expect sleepy Joshua  to eat much but when his scampi arrived, he devoured it all. We were home again just before 3 pm when our companion was being collected by his Dad, and I was delighted to find that we had two new windows installed and the brightness in the snug was instantly noticeable. I made the workers another mug of tea for their efforts and they left an hour later, leaving Joshua and I to catch a siesta. So all in all, it was a good penultimate holiday day and today, Joshua will spend his final day with Yorkshire Grandma, as I return to work today and then the new term begins on Wednesday.

Many SEN parents struggle in the long summer holiday, having their children home 24/7, and social media is full of comments longing for the start of term and  a return to normality. I however, do not feel that way : Joshua has been on great form this summer and has certainly enjoyed his time off and some freedom from the school routine. My only complaint is that I do not feel as though I have seen enough of him, only our family fortnight away and the long august bank holiday weekend, but I am really grateful to Yorkshire Grandma who has held the childcare -fort and taken him out everyday.

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