Seasons End

While I am sad that Joshua’s school holidays are over, I am not sad about the end of Summer as I love the different seasons: I have walked the dogs this morning and while the sky is bright and blue, there is a definite autumnal chill in the air that is refreshing. None of our family are good in the heat – it is a real trigger for Joshua’s seizures and we all burn with our pale and freckly skin – so the bonus sunshine that we get in September and October suits us better. I love the beautiful orange and copper leaves as they start to change colour and then kicking through the leaves when they fall to the ground. In autumn we are still going and coming home from work in the daylight and the grass slows down so we do not have to mow so frequently. We have things to look forward to in autumn : both my husband and my birthdays and we go away for October half term.

When we return from that Autumn break, then we always seem to be on the count down to Christmas : the clocks change while we are away and so begins the dark mornings and coming home from work in the dark too. But the upside is that we can keep cosy against the cold, as we start to light our log burner again and enjoy the best jacket potatoes cooked by the fire. Winter can be a struggle for many, with bad weather for driving, like snow, ice and fog and a sense of isolation as people tend to stay indoors more. It is more difficult to find the enthusiasm to go out after work and to do things in the evening as it feels as though the day is cut short.

But just around the corner, snowdrops and daffodils start to appear, heralding the start of spring. The weather warms up, the garden springs into life, there are lambs in the fields and the days gradually stay lighter longer. Spring brings with it new hope and the cycle of the seasons begins again. We are lucky in the UK to have the variety of the seasons. I suspect constant blue skies everyday in Majorca and Florida could get tiresome eventually. Our winters are nothing like as severe as our friends face in Canada – they have constant snow and -30 degrees from October to April, which must become depressing, as they have such brief respite from the cold.

Changing seasons mark the passage of time too, we know what to expect. Although the weather seems to becoming more extreme, we have recently had flash flooding and before that extreme high temperatures, so perhaps we should brace ourselves for a severe winter too. Mum died in Spring, we have survived summer without her here, so it shows that, whatever tragedy befalls us, the seasons carry on regardless and there is some comfort in that.


autumn sunrise

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