I love to hear and see Joshua laugh, a proper belly laugh and he highly amused himself yesterday morning. We were up and dressed in good time yesterday, despite me having to tug the duvet out of his grasp as he had pulled it up over his head and that was the first giggle of the day. I feign anger and shout ‘quick, quick, quick’ at him and he roars laughing as we have a tug of war with his duvet.

We stood in the kitchen from 8.10 looking out of the window for the taxi and then he became bored, so he went outside to wait, and started impatiently kicking the gate, so I knew it was going to be a fun day.I opened the small gate when the taxi arrived and he dashed through it. While I was greeting the driver and escort, Joshua had pulled the front passenger door open. In one swift motion he leapt into the car, swung his legs in and slammed the door shut, then he sat laughing  and grinning at us. We three laughed with him, amazed at his speed and dexterity, as usually he makes a meal of getting into the car and waits to have his feet lifted in for him. The PA opened the door to get him out, but he grabbed the door and pulled it closed again then started giggling again. He was really enjoying this game. So I opened the door and swung his feet round and helped him out and then into the back seat, after he had had his fun. I asked the escort to warn school that he was in a mischievous mood. Even as the taxi reversed off the drive, I could see his shoulders going up and down with laughter. What a great, happy start to my day off – it kept me smiling all day long whenever I thought of his cheeky maneouvre.

I love to laugh and I love to see and join Joshua in his fun and games. It is a key part of someone’s personality, what makes them laugh. Joshua has a physical sense of humour, rather slapstick. He is highly amused by bodily functions such as sneezes, burps and wind. He finds it hilarious to stick his foot out when I am walking passed him, to try to trip me up. I am not an expert in child development but I imagine that children’s sense of humour typically evolves as they get older; Joshua’s sense of humour is probably in line with his cognitive age, that of a toddler. But so long as he laughs, I do not mind at all . Whatever amuses him does not matter, but laughter is a real gift and should be celebrated and encouraged.

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